Vintage Recipes for a New Year

Happy new year, fellow home bakers!!  I hope that your holiday baking was fun and delicious!  Now for the post-holiday sugar coma, along with the holiday bills and the winter doldrums.  Now don’t become too sedentary and depressed.  I’m slightly tweaking my approach to this blog, so that may brighten your day.  At least, it certainly brightens mine.

While I was visiting my dad in Wisconsin last month, I went through some of my mom’s old cookbooks.  She had a number of old ones from the 1950s and a few with recipes going back to the Depression.  Several cookbooks were put together by Wisconsin homemakers or local dairy associations, so the recipes and the stories shared in these cookbooks have rural midwestern flavor to them. I thought I’d share some of them with all of you on this blog, where I’ll have more of a focus on vintage recipes.

I found a number of quick-bread recipes in these cookbooks.  Quick-breads are easy to make and for me, constitute comfort food, especially in the winter months.  So, I decided that January 2013 would be quick-bread month for my blog.  I hope that you enjoy these recipes as much as I do.

Here’s to a sweet and delicious 2013!!  Happy baking!

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One Response to Vintage Recipes for a New Year

  1. Fredi Baker says:

    How wonderful!! I can hardly wait to see all the goodies you share with us!! ;-)

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